Welcome to Discount Billiards Stockton CA. As you view our products you will soon discover our extensive collection of high quality pool tables, game room furniture, billiard accessories are priced considerably below anything you've seen. Don't be alarmed, similar pool tables and accessories are sold by other retailers as much as 300% higher. We negotiate aggressively with factories and pass the savings onto our customers. Many of our items ship FREE!

When shopping for a pool table you'll notice many pool tables may look similar however they are not. Some manufacturers cut corners such as using lower quality wood, poor quality wood stain in minimal layers, low quality fuzzy pool table cloth, and so on. These costs saving methods result in a lower quality of construction which will cost you down the road. Here, a lower price doesn't mean low quality. As a member of the Billiard Congress of America, our pool tables pass our Standards of Excellence as well as exceeding the standards set by the BCA so you can rest assured that you aren't receiving any defective or low quality products. Our pool tables are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Discount Billiards Stockton is a factory direct distributor with over 300 tables in assorted styles, colors and sizes in stock. With such a grand inventory and several highly trained installation teams, we can usually deliver/setup a pool table locally within 2 days. Discount Billiards Stockton can also deliver anywhere throughout the Central Valley, Bay Area, Sacramento, California as well as across the US. Please take the time to visit the various sections of our website and if you are interested in knowing more about these exceptional pool tables, packages and accessories at such low prices, give us a call we'd be happy to assist you.

Discount Billiards is an official dealer of Olhausen Pool & Billiard Tables

Discount Billiards is an official dealer of Olhausen Pool and Billiard Tables

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